Back Office Support

Back office support refers to the part of a company made up of the administration and supportive personnel who are not directly client facing. Back office support services include settlements, clearance, record management, regulatory compliances, accounting and IT services. Webredas is looking forward to outsource its business and also to provide back office support to their business.

The back office support can be considered as a part of the company responsible for providing all business functions related to its operation. The term back office was usually innovated for the companies who wanted a front desk where employees interact with the clients and the back end part where all the related researches are done. Modern technology has afforded many companies the opportunity to allow remote arrangements, in which associates works from home.

It is the additional service our company is providing along with the website solutions which will increase your productivity and also can be helpful for time management. Remotely engaging back office support allows organizations to access talent in various areas and attracts a varied group of applications.


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