Present the authenticity with digital documents

Being a web designing and development company Webredas Technologies is also providing a facility of supporting Digital signature maintaining the authentic framework of Information Technology Act 2000.

We are providing three types of Digital Signature (DSC) which are AadhaarBiometric Based, Aadhaar OTP Based, and Traditional Document Based.

  • Aadhaar Biometric Based – Advantages of this service are you generate DSC within 2 minutes without any form, document, attestation and Video. As a prior condition we require applicant access to Biometric Device, USB token, and information of applicant for KYC Biometric.
  • Aadhaar OTP Based – You can generate DSC within 5 minutes without any form, document, and attestation and also applicant access to biometric is not required. As a prior condition we require virtual Aadhaar number, USB token to download and information of applicant for KYC Biometric.
  • Traditional Document Based – It takes a longer period of time than the previous two and the advantages are there is no requirement for Aadhaar, Virtual ID and Physical Presence of the applicant. As prerequisites we need PAN number of the applicant, Information of the applicant, smartphone/Laptop/Desktop to record video and USB token to download.


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