3 New trends in SEO to enhance your website ranking

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Are you still in a dilemma that what to do with your SEO rankings in Google and other search engines? If the answer is yes then your quest for this dilemma ends here. As there have been several changes takes place regarding the parameters for giving an impressive rank to your website. So, now the matter of fact here is how well you have upgrade yourself as per the needs of the search engine ranking to make your business website rank higher on various well known search engine sites. There are certain factors like keyword usage, domain strength, quality of the content, user data analytics, and inbound linking can easily help your website to rank in a better way just you need to keep yourself alert of these factors changing trends. Hence a digital marketing practitioner must be aware of these following SEO new trends to keep your business websites ahead in this highly competitive online market.

So let’s explore some of the important facts on which an SEO expert must focus their attention to rank higher on various search engines.

•Voice Search:-

Business always works in a changing paradigm so as per the need of the customers you must have to change your tactics and policies to win the maximum market share as per your requirement. In the year 2002 Google voice search command has been highly adopted so that anyone can use this feature to get the desired result of their choice.

How does it influence SEO?

General information, personal assistant and fun & entertainment all the things are now become possible and easy to get. The basic idea is that, your customers need not to be educated just can be responsive enough to get the desired information of their choice. Thus in case of E-commerce industry it helps in big measures to enhance their business to a great extent. So, local search and online shopping experience can be enhanced to a great extent.

Key things to remember:-

• You must make sure that your mobile site does no block the video, images or CSS files.

• Optimize your loading speed and avoid using flash.

• Ensure using the quality images for your site.

• For efficient function and higher search rank you must register to Google my Business page.

• Accelerated mobile page:-

There has been considerable amount of abandonment ratios over the past few years by the online users for those websites those don’t load quickly. This is why; in order to counter this situation in the year of 2016 Google had launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page Project). For providing a better experience Google started sending users AMP pages to save the time of its users in searching the required information.

How does it influence SEO?

It will have a great impact on your website ranking the reason is that whenever you are searching a topic or keyword in Google then the Sites which are using AMP will always be shown on top on Google rankings and this will increase your conversion rate as well as will reduce your website bounce rates.

Key things to remember

Three important things AMP possess

• AMP JS -This comprises of Java script structure which helps in loading external resources faster.

• AMP HTML- New custom commands are included here.

• AMP CDN: – For providing faster content delivery it is very useful commonly known as Content Delivery Network.

• Content Marketing:-

From the very beginning of website development Content is considered as the king for the Search results. So, effective, engaging and persuasive content can easily drive more traffic for your business. This is why Google Keyword planner can become the most effective means of content marketing providing valuable information can prove to be the best asset for your online business development.

How it will impact your SEO?

Google algorithm basically will go through your text and will then provide ranking in various search engines. Hence consistency and quality of your content will determine the reach of your business.

Hence these three dominant tactics can help your business website to rank higher on various search engines in a very small span of time. Thus you need to be pro actively use your tools in the right place in order to get the desired result of your choice.

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