The following are 5 very common Mobile App Development Questions that have been answered.

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The 5 Most Common Mobile App Development Questions Answered In case you are a business owner, there is no denying the fact that for the rapid growth of your business in the current age, having the right Mobile App is very critical. With the rapid growth in the number of Smart Phone Users worldwide, your business must have the best mobile app to tap into the great opportunities available and also to stay ahead of the competition. The following are 5 very common Mobile App Development Questions that have been answered.

1. What is the main aim of the Mobile App?

Much like any business venture your Mobile App too must have a clear vision. Otherwise it could lead to disastrous results. Therefore at the very outset, it is very important for you to identify the exact goal your Mobile App would try to achieve for your business. So you need to identify in clear terms what the mobile app should achieve which could be in terms of several users, subscriptions, visits, downloads and so on. Once this is identified you need to convey the same to the mobile app designing team following which they would create the mobile app. Refocusing and redesigning the mobile app created could often be a costly affair and must be avoided at all costs. It is because of this at the very beginning quality time must be spent on research to identify the right market needs and how the mobile app could cater to them.

2. How will the Mobile App make money?

It is seen that many businesses have their mobile app developed mainly to make good money from it. Therefore while having your mobile app developed it is of key importance to have the right mobile app monetization model for the same. While having the mobile app designed make sure that the overall user experience of the mobile app that is designed is not compromised with in any manner. The mobile apps that are designed to deliver high-quality user experience are bound to have farfetched and long- term results. There are various types of Mobile App Monetization strategies that can be used. These could be Monetization strategies that are advertising-based, Pay per Download, Subscription-based, In-App Purchases and so on. Depending on the nature of your business and the overall Mobile App Strategy you need to decide on the Mobile Monetization Strategy as well.

3. Should One Choose Web, Native or Hybrid Mobile App Development?

There could be several types of mobile app development. These could be the Web, Native or even the Hybrid development that could be used. Each type has its benefits and characteristics. However, you should note that out of the many the Native Apps are usually for specific platforms that make the mobile apps created on them quite and fast and responsive. As a result, they ensure a much better overall user-experience. However, these apps are the ones that generally require difficult programming languages and more experienced developers. Likewise, Hybrid Mobile Apps have their advantages and disadvantages.

4. What is Agile Development?

Another quite common term which you might come across in the current web scenario is Agile Development. The Agile App Development is a methodology that is currently used in Mobile App Development that makes the Mobile Apps more flexible and adaptable. This is an iterative process that is used wherein the features and requirements are built, modified and approved before the project reaches completion. It is something that has made the mobile app development program useful for clients.

5. Which type of Testing in best?

When it comes to mobile app development testing is very important indeed. This could be done either manually or in an automated manner. The former is where you would get visual feedback and it is also less expensive in the short run. In Manual testing you would also get the real human input from your actual user database. These types of testing are best suited for exploratory and usability testing. On the other hand, automated testing is where you can get speedy and efficient results. It also gives better visibility into app performance. Each type of testing has its benefits. Thus you should use a combination of both types of testing for the best results.

  • The following are 5 very common Mobile App Development Questions that have been answered.
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