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web development company Kolkata

Computational Politics –Medium for Political Parties to Reach Scads of People

Computational politics is a common feature in several democracies. Computational politics in a democratic country is an operating procedure that shows an elaborate result in a very short span of time because by using this data drives digital marketing techniques, a political party can reach a large number of people. Basically computational politics is an… Read More »

web design

Web Design- An Arsenal to Fulfill Your Business Ambition

Each year, new technologies and trends are sweeping the web development industry. It has become very difficult to find new clients because of this ever escalating and cut-throat market of website design. To get recognition in the designing industry, new companies are fighting with each other. Things Required for a Good Rank in the Search… Read More »

mobile apps

Mobile Apps – Mobile Apps Are Essential For The Digital Era

Apps are designed to work on different operating systems, used by devices. An Android app is developed to work on phones and tablets, which run on Android OS, whereas iPhone apps can be used on iPhones, which use iOS. For better running of apps, your internet connection must be stable so that the app can… Read More »