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3 Essential Tips to Become A Successful Web Designer

3 Essential Tips to Become A Successful Web Designer

web design

Web designers have creative flair and technical skill. They make a fine blend of fantasy and artistry to build a website and bring it alive on the World Wide Web. However, the aspiring and budding web designers face a lot of challenges to succeed in this profession.  Those, who want to join the field, have many queries including:

Ø  Do I have to attend a college to learn web design?

Ø  Should I join a short-term or long-time course on web designing?

Ø  What kind of software should I learn to work as a web designer?

Ø  What should be the configuration of my computer for website designing?

This article aims to address all these queries and introduce you to some simple steps to become a successful web designer.

Theory & Certification

A web design company in Kolkata usually mentions the required skill and years of experience when hiring a professional designer. Where to acquire web designing skill? It is one of the commonest questions asked by the want-to-be designers. It may take time to sink in that over 65% of web designers are self-taught (either partially or fully). Therefore, you have a high chance of success even without attending a web designing college or course. However, doing a course definitely helps and puts you ahead of others.

Learning Certain Skills

When it comes to technical skills, you have to explore several aspects to become an in-demand web designer. The first skills that you need to learn and master include:

Theory: Web design, like anything, has two aspects – theory and practical. You can be good at technical aspects only if you have in-depth theoretical knowledge.

Graphic Design Tools: You should have a good grasp of Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Web Design Tools: There are certain web design tools such as Figma, Webflow, Sketch etc. You need to learn using these in order to know how to build web design mock-ups.

Programming Languages: You should know the basic languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML etc.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization: A good web designer always knows how to optimize web pages to ensure that it gets a high rank on the search result pages.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

It says practice makes a man perfect. There is no shortcut route to success. You can earn recognition and reputation only through hard work. More you practice, the more you will learn. It is always important to keep yourself updated on new web design software. It is a quickly evolving field where new technology, tools and concepts replace the old ones every few years. So, practice and learn, learn and practice – that is the mantra to succeed.


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