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3 Ways to Drive Conversions through Paid Advertising

3 Ways to Drive Conversions through Paid Advertising

digital marketing company kolkata

Paid advertising is a decent way to drive traffic to your website and promote business, the result of which shows up on your ROI sheet. But if not understood and applied properly, it may cause you more expenses. Therefore, always make sure to extract the most out of your investment on paid advertising.

A digital marketing company Kolkata shares 3basic tips on how to make the most of your paid advertisement efforts and expenses.

Understand Log Tail Keywords for Proper Usage

Using the long tail keywords helps Google understand more clearly what you are looking for. It gets easier for the search engine to deliver the results accordingly. For example, instead of using digital marketing company, if you use digital marketing company in Kolkata, the search will be more specific and so will be the search results. There is another aspect of using long tail keywords as these imply the searcher is more likely to buy the product or hire the service instead of just satisfying his/her curiosity.

There are some authentic and reputed sources to do keyword research specific to your business niche. Don’t look for the high-traffic keywords; instead choose the keywords that your target audiences are more likely to based their search on.

Use the keywords that are longer and more specific and which constitute a lion’s share of the search-driven traffic.

Choose Your Option from Various Types of Paid Ads

You can buy paid ads from different sources and each of them has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before purchase, you should understand the most popular paid ad types and their merits and demerits.

Text ads are common finds on the primary Google search result pages. These are less expensive than display ads that are usually designed to look for something specific. These are effective provided good keyword research and A/B testing are done.

Many businesses prefer Google Ads. They offer text ads and display ads in conjunction with the highly target keywords.

With rapid popularity of social media sites, social media ads have now emerged an automatic and effective choice for a growing number of executives and decision makers. These ads exhibit a pretty combination of both text characters and display elements and are designed to depend on user preferences.

Consider your business type and choose from the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc. If needed and suited, you can explore multiple options for paid advertising.

Monitor Your Paid Ad Results

You should always keep a track of how well your paid ads are doing. If you are unable to watch how they perform, buying paid ads will be a wash-out of your money. The beauty of digital advertising is you will get to track the result of everything.

You will be getting the best one to understand so that you can deal with this whole thing. You can go with so many things that are ultimately offering you a better idea in making it.



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