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An Overview of App Store Optimization

An Overview of App Store Optimization


What is ASO?

App Store Optimization or ASO is a straightforward yet effective procedure to enhance a mobile app’s visibility on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

How Are SEO and ASO Different from Each Other?

App Store Optimization is often considered as SEO in the app world. However, they are not same. A mobile app development company Kolkata underlines the basic differences between these two optimization goals and techniques:

  • Whereas app store optimization or ASO is done to increase downloads, search engine optimization or SEO is employed to drive more visitors to the web portal and convert visits into leads as much as possible.
  • The ASO off-page technique includes reviews, ratings, backlinks, download statistics etc whereas the SEO off-page technique includes anchor texts, links, social signals etc.
  • The ASO on-page work incorporates app names and descriptions, keywords of iOS, install and quality metrics. In comparison, on-page SEO work is based on title tags, keyword density, page speed and bounce rate, H1, H2, H3 etc.

Why Is ASO So Important?

Here are some compelling reasons to explain why ASO is so important:

It enhances your app’s visibility: These days, 70% of smartphone users can easily find new apps only from searches. Therefore, ASO boosts your app’s visibility.

It increases your app’s organic installation:It is achieved through sharing titles and catchy screenshots.

It boosts up your app’s conversions and revenues: In-app ads implementation, interactive ads, reward ads etc can encourage installation and usage of premium app levels.

How Will ASO Benefit You?

If you have developed a mobile app, you will stand to gain some great benefits through ASO. These are:

Ø  Your app will be quickly discovered by high-quality and relevant users.

  • It results into continuous growth and reduce the user acquirement cost.
  • It quickly reaches the global users with business apps.
  • It enhances sustainability of organic app downloads.
  • It improves your app’s visibility and makes it quickly noticeable and accessible from the crowd of millions of apps.
  • It significantly increases both conversions and revenues of your apps.

How to Do ASO?

The basic steps of app store optimization are:

  • Feel the pulse of the users and decide a clear and effective ASO strategy.
  • Do proper keyword research and give your app a suitable name based on your finding.
  • You should prepare a crisp, catchy description of your app, based on whether it will find a place on Google’s Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Choose an appropriate app income through A/B testing.
  • Carefully prepare app screenshots and videos.
  • Do app listing and localization for the geo-market audience.
  • Check the app ratings and reviews as these have impact on app download.

If you are looking an expert in this field then make sure you hire one who can justify with the whole and get you a perfect end product that is definitely covering you a better idea in dealing with the app.


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