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How to Create a Unique, Fulfilling And Successful Customer Journey With Your Web Portal

How to Create a Unique, Fulfilling And Successful Customer Journey With Your Web Portal

web design and development company

These days, many of us are familiar with digital interaction, digital shopping and digital journey. It’s a better version of physical journey though the traditional platform of buy and bargain has not fallen down the peck.

There is no denying the fact that digital journey has taken the world by storm. Honestly speaking, the customers’ digital journey does not end at the website but go beyond that. There exists a wide diversity of communication channels to interact with the customers in order to know their opinion about particular products, service, displays and events. It widens the span and scope of digital journey that has transformed the way we communicate with each other.

The Journey is Worth Taking!

In physical market, the sellers can easily see the buyers’ reaction. Face-to-face meeting reveals everything that, in turn, supplies valuable data to the sellers and allow them to fine tune everything from products to procedures.

Once you move to the digital world, expect to face oodles of challenges that are complete new to you.

With physical distance keeping you far away from your customers, it’s never possible to see how they react to your offer. But then, you have other ways to get feedbacks. It makes selling through a website much more challenging and complicated. However, involvement of affordable and low cost web design and development company in Kolkata makes the process a lot easier, smoother and faster.

The million dollar question is if it is possible to recreate the experience – unique to physical world – on the digital platform.

Website design, as commonly believed, is not a collage of headers, footers, sidebars, contents and images. An interactive website design is more about asking the relevant questions to your website visitors. Creating a platform to encourage visitors to ask questions is an intelligent way to know the problems of your visitors – a fraction of them might become your loyal customers – and carve out solutions through a cohesive website design.

In other words, an interactive website design maps a digital journey for your visitors and set a path for them to follow.

For a good web design company, it’s a common strategy to create boxes for traffic segregation.

This is because, a marketing message can be easily customized to every individual or boxes of visitors. It helps you articulate your offering in a far better way and increase the chance of converting more web traffic. But for that, start with defining your personal and then proceed to create unique messages relevant to those personas.

How to define user persona? Documentation is the first step. Identify your targets and create character definition for each. If you already know the demography of your customers, in terms of their education, taste, affordability, you already have the required information about them.

Technical expertise, creativity and information are directly related to the website design whereas needs, goals, challenges and purchase obstacles are related to website content

It’s important to create a meaningful collage of design and content for traffic conversion; otherwise, you will be stripped of success regardless of the amount of thoughts and effort gone into making your web portal.

Keep in mind that you should serve different information to each individual persona and while doing so, make it a point that every piece of information is easy to access.

When you dish out tailored-made information to your visitors, they get a sense that you think about them and feel for them. That feeling helps in creating a bond that further goes towards bringing them closer to your business world and befriend them as your loyal customers.

Such Conversion does not Happen Overnight!

Therefore, you need to cajole them with kind of information that address their needs and demands; that will interest and influence them to convert willingly into a subscriber, prospect or buyer.

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