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How To Hire a Quality Hosting Service?

How To Hire a Quality Hosting Service?

web development company Kolkata

“I never have a good experience with the service I receive. They always make me wait or forward my call to several people, in the end they take a long time to solve my problem. It’s a waste of time!”

Does what you just read sound familiar?

Relax, that is why we have written this post for you. Today we want to give you peace of mind and an answer to the question: Is this the kind of care that always awaits you? It’s normal? The answer is no, no and no.

Today we come to tell you how to hire a Hosting service for your website. You will never have to go through the same thing again. It is time for you to receive the support you are looking for: a quick and clear response, without waiting or intermediaries.

We Put Ourselves in Your Skin

Read on if you’ve had any of these issues:

  • They do not answer. You are tired of spending time making calls.
  • Slow response. They take your calls, but they have taken too long to answer.
  • They divert the call to other people over and over again.
  • There is no personal attention. You are talking to a machine that is far from solving your problems.
  • Slow hosting and insufficient storage. Your hosting constantly gives you speed and storage problems.
  • High costs that you cannot afford. You do not get a reliable provider that gives you security at a good price.

And you ask yourself, ‘Can someone help me?’

We understand you perfectly so you are clear that you do not want to hire this type of service again for fear of going through the same thing again. It already costs you your money and your time, why do it again?

Speaking about Money…

As you have already been through this situation more than once, it is very normal for you to decide that you are not going to hire more services unless it is from a company that conveys more confidence in professionalism. And you find one, but you realize that this company has a cost that you cannot bear. You reject the idea. “It’s normal. It is what awaits me”.

It is not. Having a team that gives you the help you need without waiting or complications is possible. We are here for you and we are going to tell you how we can do it.

We Make It Easy For You

We are the only “Proximity Hosting” that gives you more personalized attention based on your needs. We make it easier for you to manage your website, freeing you from unnecessary problems, committing ourselves to give you the highest quality service:

  • Save time in fast and direct attention.
  • No waiting.
  • Without intermediaries.
  • Proximity service with personalized attention.
  • Team of professionals dedicated by and for you.
  • Without high costs.
  • No surprises or price changes after renovations.
  • We will always give you the same quality and security in our services.

Yes, we have already told you about our attention. Now you will ask yourself: “but, what are your Hosting services? Surely there is some downside”. Well, you don’t have to worry about it either.

Secure Hosting For Your Website

We are going to give you that peace of mind that you need and thanks to which you will not have to worry about keeping your website correctly hosted. You can receive:

  • Up to 100GB per month of traffic.
  • 10 email addresses with mailboxes up to 3GB.
  • Up to 5 GB for your website.
  • Secure webmail access.
  • Backup copies guarantee the integrity and security of your site.
  • Transfer of your website and your email to our servers.

You can be sure that not only your website will be safe, but that you will also have good comprehensive customer service with our web development company in Kolkata.

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