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Some Basic Features Which a School Online Management Software Must Have

Some Basic Features Which a School Online Management Software Must Have

web development company kolkata

In recent years, due to the pandemic, schools are taking online classes. In order to make this online voyage successful, schools all over the world are trying their best. Various platforms are being used by the schools to make this voyage easy. But, students are not attending the classes physically which is hindering their studies. Online tests are not taken seriously by the students and many of them are using unfair means to pass the exam.

It is not easy for a school to look after each matter, therefore; schools are using school online management software nowadays. There are some basic features that school online management software should have and they are listed below. There are so many things that are included in the whole design. You can check out various ideas which are related to make it much more lucrative for the whole use. There are various types of dealing that are definitely usual and effective. To make the landing page attractive and the interphase much more effective you need to choose someone who can effectively design the whole thing perfectly.

Coding Experts In The Company

Coders will definitely make things much more easy and effective. Only the payment gateway system if the company is not making then other than that you need to check out the whole coding in a better way. The coders are simply offering you a better ideology in dealing which is much more lucrative and perfect.

Designing the landing page and other regular pages according to the student mentality needs research and speculations. Internal login and other interphases are very necessary so you need to make it perfect and effective. There are so many things which you need to settle for a better way.

Separate Section for Student Information

School online management software should have a separate section showing the student information’s like registration number, age, class, section, roll number, parents name, medical info, and others details concerning school fees. If the teacher needs any of this information about the student then he/she can easily get hold of it.

If these details are shown then it will not only help the teachers but also will help the parents. For example, there is a lot of confusion among the parents concerning the school fees thus if the fees that is to be paid per month is visible in the student information section then it will be easier for the parents to pay fees without any delay.

Parent Portal

It is not always possible for the parents to keep an eye on their child all the time as they have their own works. Even they want to be familiar with their child’s progress, therefore; school’s online management software must have a Parent Portal from where the parents can get the latest update about their children. From the Parent Portal, the parents will get to know about the assignments and grades. In order to know whether the students are attending the class or not, an attendance report should be provided to the parents through the school management software from a Web design company in Kolkata.

Depending on the latest trends for Drupal, WordPress and other CMS you must have the coding fix for some of the salient features:

  1. Surveillance / Live student monitoring for parents.
  2. Co-curricular activities
  3. Communication system
  4. Security
  5. Staff and student management
  6. Attendance management
  7. Fees management software
  8. Flexible parental interface.

Communication Facilities

With the effectiveness of the communication among the parents and teachers, student’s success depends. Sections like Parent Portal must have a communication facility like text, voice messages, and emails. Hence, if the parent has any problem regarding his/her child’s education then he/she can consult with the teacher. This thing will help you guide the entire education system which will ultimately help you to get the best facility.


Taking attendance of the students one by one in the online meeting is quite erroneous and arduous work for the teachers. Therefore, attendance managing apps must be attached with the school’s online management software where all the students attending the classes can register their names within the given time interval.

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