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Trends in web design for 2022

Trends in web design for 2022

Web Design

 Web design is a sector in constant evolution and transformation, so those of us who dedicate ourselves to it are constantly learning, researching, and testing new design formats.

So in this post, we will collect what are the most cutting-edge trends in web design for 2022 that have been showing up for some time.

Web design trends to have an original and modern website

Among all the trends in web design that we will see in 2022, there are some that remain, others that have evolved and others that change.

Vectors and Illustrations

We start with the graphic elements of a website, such as vectors and illustrations; visual resources that have been widely used for some time and that you will continue to see.

You already know that there are websites where you can download these types of resources, but if they are personalized for your brand or project, the design of your website will have an added value.


As in the previous case, icons have been a widely used resource in web design for a long time and will continue to be so, both for the multiple possibilities it offers and for its visual results.


Animations are another trend that we have been seeing in web design for some time and that is here to stay. These can have different movements, effects, directions (from left to right, from top to bottom, etc.), or speeds.

This animation consists of a downward motion on the titles and a bouncing animation on the button. In this case, it is an animation with a waterfall effect, where each of the columns slides down at a different rate.

Gradient Color Schemes

Fading various colors to create creative visual effects is also a trend in web design that we have already seen and will continue to be.

We will continue to see this trend in 2022, but with a certain evolution, taking the shades “to the limit” to achieve more powerful results.


Experiences similar to those of mobile applications have reached web design and are a trend that we will see more and more.

It consists of applying techniques and elements similar to those of apps in the design of websites, especially in terms of buttons, user experience, and functionalities.


One-page formats, and even micro landings, consist of single-page websites in which all the information appears organized in different sections and usually includes a top menu with anchor links. These allow the user to browse the page (not in the case of micro landings).

Nested content

Displaying nested content is very common in web design. It is about presenting information in the form of tabs, dropdowns, switches, or similar resources.

It is something that we have been seeing for a long time, but that has evolved to achieve more impressive visual results.

The video as the protagonist

In general, video has been gaining prominence on the internet in recent years and has also reached web design, where it has become a trend and its use is increasingly common, especially used as a background.

Giant typography

We find the use of large-size titles, where the typography once again becomes the protagonist and stands out above the rest of the web elements.

Light dividers

The usual thing in web design to separate the different sections when a page is laid out is to use different colors or introduce a background with an image or video.

In recent years, dividers with different shapes (circular, curved, etc.) have become fashionable, which has evolved to more creative forms.


Collage is a trend that consists of integrating different web elements in the same section of the site, such as, for example, several images, icons, or illustrations. That is, it is about creating a composition with different resources, which together form a composition.

Content on different planes

We could say that this trend consists of superimposing different elements on each other, but more than overlapping, it consists of placing these elements in different planes of the design to achieve a visual effect with depth.

Predominance of lines

The “linework” is a trend that is based on the predominance of lines to reinforce some elements of the web: buttons, borders, frames, separators, etc.

Split screen

This trend consists of dividing the screen in two to show elements that are at the same level or are similar. For example two services or two products. That is, it does not apply if it is an image and a text (that would be another type of design).

Interactive designs

Interactivity is something that we have been seeing for some time in web design as well, but it has evolved over time to achieve more daring and risky results that surprise the user.

It consists of creating interactions between the different elements of a website: buttons, texts, backgrounds, etc.

We hope that this collection of web design trends for 2022 will be very useful if you are thinking of creating a website or you already have one and want to update it. Remember that if you need help with this process, our Web design company in Kolkata is at your disposal.




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