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Search Engine Optimization

Understanding and Adapting to Google’s Core Updates

Understanding and Adapting to Google’s Core Updates

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Core Updates

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes” and we have to cope up with every change whether it is good or bad. Just like that Google makes a number of changes in a year to our search algorithms and systems. Other launches does not catch our eye as it may be very miniature in size or is not that significant unlike the core update change which brings huge impact in the search engine optimisation. These notable changes made by Google are known as Core Updates. Let’s discuss it more widely.

How it Functions

If the pages which were previously ranked higher ranks down in list after core updates does not mean anything is wrong with the software or it has spam or virus problems. In actuality, the core upgrade doesn’t specifically target any pages or websites. The modifications instead aim to enhance how our systems evaluate material as a whole. Google gives notice that ranking of the previous searches have changed due to core update.

For example, in 2019 before the pandemic there were some cafes in Delhi which were ranked higher. But after the pandemic now in 2023 many new cafes have been launched that maybe are better than the previous ones and they are now in higher ranking in the list. Same as like the Seo company in kolkata which were previously ranked lower may have developed their system and having more customers than the previous which led them to higher in ranking searches than earlier.


Core Update is done so that the people those are searching always get updated and reliable results. It does not involve higher ranking search website to low down in ranking on purpose but may help improve low ranking search website to rank up by updating or the previously ranked sites may get lowered. It is done to make sure that the websites are not using any unfair means to keep their website at top.


  • Google core updates do effect the fluctuations of search results. It can change earlier high ranked sites or pages to lower or also can change the low rank sites and pages to come high in the list.


  • It helps in showing quality content to the users. It helps improving by showing more relevant searches what the people tend to search for more.


How to Recover

User experience (UX) and website performance play significant roles in determining search rankings. A Core Update emphasizes the importance of a website’s loading speed, mobile-friendliness, ease of navigation, and overall user satisfaction. Optimizing these aspects ensures better visibility and improved rankings.


Any website hoping to prosper in the digital world must stay informed of Google’s Search Core Updates and comprehend their effects. Websites should focus on creating comprehensive, informative, and engaging content that aligns with the search intent. Embrace the changes brought forth by Google’s Core Updates, and let your website thrive amidst the dynamic world of SEO.




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