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Affordable web design company in kolkata

What is the difference between web development, web design, Website Designer and Online Website Builder?

What is the difference between web development, web design, Website Designer and Online Website Builder?

Affordable web design company in kolkata

When it comes to creating a website, most of the people mistake web design and web development to be the same process. It’s not just a mistake, but also a wrong notion that several website owners hold and proceed accordingly. If there is a plan to appoint the specific web design and development company in Kolkata (Webredas), it can be a significant question to ask them.

Because of a considerable difference between these two roles, clients keep looking for both Website Design Company and Website Development Company. Actually web design and web development are two individual aspects of website creation process that need two distinctive proficiencies.

The differentiation in a nutshell

To describe in brief, web design is the external appearance as well as the usability of the site. This process determines the aesthetic section of the website. In order to create several visual elements and specific layout of the site, the designers take help of varied web design software.

On the contrary, web development is the process of making that web design function in the accurate way. During the current Covid-19 situation, leading web developers take resort to different programming languages to enliven the design templates. They use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and other topmost programming languages to execute the development of manifold websites belonging to assorted categories. In this way, web development is given much importance to cope up with the crisis in the present critical situation. You must understand the bigger picture here.

Salient Features of Website Design

Web design can be compared to the architecture part of a building. Just like a construction site, a website needs an all-inclusive design and a developer to make the design files perform accordingly. The website is provided with a basic look and essential functionality based on its usage. Web designers have to consider the requirements of clients and the users as well. They ensure that every site is having a realistic design to catch the attentions of maximum internet users. The designers at Webredas take sufficient time to realize the ultimate goals & requirements of clients, their brand qualities and budget.   You can get the best out of the rest only when you put your hands on the best.

What does Web Development include?

Once the design of a website is approved, there should be a call to appoint a website developer. The basic role of developer is to provide or arrange the coding that brings the website to life. During the stage of web development, different applications or programs are created to make the site perform in accordance with client’s requirements. There are three aspects of coding to focus on – the client, the database and the server. Client-based coding enables the webpage to perform within a browser. The database is where both the back & front-end files remain stored & secured. The server-based coding is the back-end scripting that is not visible to users. The web developers at Webredas offer top-end solution & various services related to this task.

Difference between Website Designer and Online Website Builder

The website is the most powerful tool for communication and introduces your business to the world of consumers. Websites are created for any reason, from passion to business. The website can give a much more profitable return than any other advertising. If you are planning a business, then the website is the right thing to choose as your business representative.

Website Designer

Website Design has a recent history. Elsewhere, it is also known as graphic design. The importance of the website in terms of technological standpoint is immense. The internet cannot be imagined without animated graphics, different types of typography, background, and music.

Two types of professionals contribute to website making

  • Web designer
  • Website builder

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Designer

A web designer is responsible for creating virtual aspects like layout coloring typography. The professional should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other languages. However, creativity and compositions different from one web designer to another if they are asked to work on the same project.

A web designer maintains a site’s external appearance and its usability. Designers take the help of varied web design software to create several visual elements and specific layouts on the site. Web designers create the look of a website in such a realistic way that it attracts the attention of many users.

Website Builder

Website Builder is a tool that allows you to construct a website without manual code editing. There are two types of Website Builder and they are:

  • Online proprietary-Online proprietary tools are provided by web hosting companies. They typically target users so that users can build their own private site. There are also companies that offer alternative tools (Commercial or Open source) to site owners.
  • Offline software– Offline software that runs on a computer creates a page for more than one client or web host. The online website builder wants customers to sign up with web hosting companies. This type of service creates basic personal web pages and social network content to make a complete business and e-commerce website.

If someone is in dire need of building a website, then the website builder is a perfect choice. Many website builders guide you through the step-by-step process which is very simple to follow.

Difference between Website Designer and Online Website Builder

Website designer designs the look of the website in a realistic way while the job of the website builder is to manage the content on the website in a precise way. In fact when you will assign a website designer, he will design it to a next level according to you and website builder will give you a finished product along with a great design. So depending upon your requirement you need to look for it. You can definitely get to know the best in it. You can definitely understand the best for you and hire according to it. It is good to develop a relationship with both to have knowledge.



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